"Here’s The Link to My Trophy”: Awards and Recognition Are Going Digital

According to Forbes, employee recognition is a $46 billion dollar market. Whoa. That is a lot of gold watches, pins, plaques, trophies etc. Where do those end up? On a shelf collecting dust, at the bottom of a drawer, in landfill. That’s a lot of landfill.

We have become a culture of awards and recognition. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can actually be a great thing. But how we do it... that’s what’s bound to change as digital becomes the default for all things.

A few things to consider when choosing between a printed certificate, a wooden plaque, or a metal trophy on the one hand and a solution like UnWrapIt.

Time is money. The planning, coordination and logistics alone required for $46 billion worth of gold watches, pins, plaques, and trophies is huge. Scheduling and tracking employee names, locations, engravings. Production and shipping requires multiple external partners, touch-points, drives considerable cost, and adds layers of complexity and dependency leaving room for delays and human error.

Does your plaque spark joy? Marie Kondo Rule #6 if it doesn’t spark joy, you probably don’t need it. Is it possible to feel rewarded and recognized without the stuff? Does getting a physical thing make it more real? Do we feel more important? Valued? Committed? Are we more likely to stay at our job? Work harder?

One hit wonder. If we are weighing our self-worth and value within a team and company based on the certificates and plaques on our wall or behind a glass cabinet, are we really engaged, productive and seeking out new ways to improve and drive personal and corporate success?

The Medium is the Message. If people are increasingly researching, sourcing and buying everything online, in their personal and work lives, it’s only logical that a digital version of awards & recognition would appear. Shifting the mix to digital helps build deeper and meaningful connections with employees and clients without all the stuff and the cost of the stuff! Since digital awards and recognition are shareable and live in the digital realm, they can be many places at once, extending the recognition beyond the an office wall or glass display case.

Turn digital gifts + recognition from blah to yah! The machines are coming the machines are coming. This is true. We are in the 4th revolution - it’s digital. But the future is human. Technology is amazing and when infused with the right purpose, it can help solve human problems. Like feeling recognized and appreciated by a community of peers. New digital platforms like UnWrapIt are doing just that. Reclaiming and reimagining gift giving and recognition as a deeply human, incredibly meaningful, and zero waste action.


If you are ready to take your awards and recognition program digital -- reducing costs and waste while at the same time spreading more joy, please contact us or schedule a demo. UnWrapIt can help you set up a single life-time achievement award or batch create up to 500,000 personalized awards in a single batch.

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