Life Insurance and Retirement Benefits for Garment Workers

UnWrapIt is reimagining gifting. That means reimagining what counts as a thoughtful gift. Clothing gifts are so commonplace that some people practically build their entire wardrobe from gifts of shirts, ties, jackets, sweaters, and socks.

What if supporting the people who make these clothes was viewed as just as much a gift as the clothing itself? With this question in mind, we partnered with Progoti, a Toronto-based social enterprise that is challenging & changing norms in the fashion industry.

You can now give A Positive Change in the Fashion Industry or Retirement Benefits for Workers as gifts. View the whole collection to decide which symbolic type of clothing you want to surprise your gift recipient with.

In all cases, the proceeds from these gifts will provide life insurance, disability, and retirement benefits for garment workers in Bangladesh, the world's second-largest clothing manufacturer.

To use UnWrapIt's Gift Builder to give life insurance, disability, and retirement benefits for garment workers as a gift:

  1. Select the Progoti Gifts you want to give. From the gift page, add a personal message and select "Add to Gift Builder".
  2. Choose & personalize one or more digital "wraps" from UnWrapIt's Wrap Store.
  3. Add a Recipient & then checkout!

Note: You will be charged $3 to add the recipient unless you have an Unlimited Gifting membership.


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