Introducing the UnWrapIt Gift Giving Study 2017

Between April and August 2017, UnWrapIt is conducting original research on gifts and gift giving in Toronto, Canada.

The objective of the research is threefold:

1. To identify trends and patterns in gift giving.

    • What is the role of gift giving in people's lives?
    • What do people like about giving gifts?
    • What do people not like about giving gifts?
    • What kinds of gifts do people enjoy giving and receiving the most?
    • What kinds of gifts bring gift giver and gift recipient closer together? 

    2. To better understand how companies, nonprofits, and institutions perceive gift-based purchases.

    • How common is it for businesses to set an annual target for revenue from gift-based purchases?
    • What are common perceptions of gift-based purchases among groups that sell products, services, and experiences that could be given as gifts?
    • What is difficult about selling products, services, and experiences as gifts?
    • What incentives, if any, do businesses have to develop the gift giving side of their business?

    3. To inform the initial focus and functionality of the UnWrapIt gift giving platform.

    Participate in the Study

    You're invited to participate in a comprehensive study on the purchasing and selling of experience-based gifts in Toronto, ON. We are interviewing individual gift givers and gift recipients as well as local companies, nonprofits, and institutions that sell products, services, and experiences that could be given as gifts.Schedule an interview

    Background Research

    • Experiential gifts are enjoyed more than material gifts.
    • Experiential gifts foster greater closeness than material gifts.
    • Simply thinking of an experiential purchase can make people more altruistic.
    • These benefits occur whether the experiential gift is consumed together or alone.
    • 10% of retail sales in the U.S. represent gift-based purchases.
    • $130+ billion is spent on gifts in the U.S. & Canada annually.
    • 55% of spending on gifts occurs outside of The Holidays.
    • 4 out of 5 people feel the The Holidays are too materialistic.

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