The Perfect Use Case for UnWrapIt: Hamilton, The Musical

Yesterday, my brother and I used UnWrapIt to give a joint gift to our parents for their 65th and 75th birthdays. The gift consisted of:

    UnWrapIt was built to facilitate gift giving in three scenarios:

    1. When the gift is hard to wrap
    2. When the gift recipient lives far away
    3. When you've run out of time to ship something.

    Yesterday's gift to our parents met all three of these conditions. And it went incredibly well! At 10pm ET / 7pm PT, my brother and I jumped on a Google Hangout and shared the link to the UnWrapIt gift we had created.

    My parents had just returned home from a joint birthday dinner in New York City. I joined the hangout from Toronto. My brother joined from Seattle. 

    What happened next validated all 15 months and the tremendous effort that has gone into creating UnWrapIt to this point.

    The gift opening experience made both of them laugh and feel special with two multiple choice questions that referred to events from 20 and 40 years ago respectively. The questions were followed by a photo from this past weekend when we were all together and hosted a 75th birthday for my Dad.

    The gifts were met with appreciation, excitement, and gratitude. Without UnWrapIt, my brother and I could not have had this much fun with the gift opening experience, especially from so far away. The whole experience was meaningful and memorable. 

    And the best part: my parents can now spend the next four months looking forward to seeing the most popular musical on Broadway

    Below is a photo from when they were opening the gift. 

    Mom and Dad opening their UnWrapIt Gift

    And below are screenshots from the gift opening experience itself.

    Screen 1: Greeting

    You Have a Gift!

    Screen 2: Multiple Choice Question for our Dad

    Multiple Choice Question wrap

    Screen 3: Multiple Choice Question for our Mom

    Multiple Choice Question wrap

    Screen 4: Tap to Reveal a Photo (in Progress)

    Tap to Reveal a Photo wrap

    Screen 5: Tap to Reveal a Photo (Completed)

    Tap to Reveal a Photo wrap

    Screen 6: A Donation in Honour of a Dear Family Friend

    (We customized Something I Bought for this gift.)

    Donation gift

    Screen 7: Two Tickets to Hamilton, The Musical

    (We customized A New Experience for this gift.)

    Hamilton: An American Musical gift

    To experience the gift opening experience for yourself, click here.

    Or create your own UnWrapIt gift.


    Susan Cohlmeyer

    Great story. It explains the idea clearly and in a fun and personal way.

    Good luck with unwrapit.


    WOW . Most enjoyable use case I’ve read.
    And aren’t they so lucky to have two such creative and generous sons!

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