The Original Gift Sales Checklist by UnWrapIt

At some point in your life as an online retailer, you'll come to the realization that people want to buy your products, services, or experiences as gifts.

Initially, you'll approach gift sales as an opportunity unique to the holiday season (From Black Friday to Boxing Day). And then you'll expand your gift sales program to other religious & secular gift giving occasions (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's day). Eventually, you'll conclude that people want to give what your company sells as a gift year round and for a wide range of reasons (Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements, Career Milestones, Random Appreciation).

It's at that point, or earlier, that you'll ask the question, "Is my online store optimized for gift-based purchases?" Fortunately, we saw this coming and we've got you covered.

Below is a comprehensive checklist that you can use to ensure that your online store makes it easy and fun for people to buy and give your products, services, and experiences as gifts.

Gift Sales Capabilities

  • Give as Gift
    Specific products can be given as gifts
  • Give Order as Gift
    Entire orders can be given as a gift
  • Redeem Gift Card
    Gift cards purchased online or in store can be redeemed online
  • Gift Notifications
    Gift recipients can be notified through email or text that a gift has been purchased for them
  • eCard
    Gift givers can create and send a personalized e-Card for the gift recipient
  • Personalized Note
    Gift givers can include a personalized note with the gift itself when it ships
  • Wrapping
    Gift giver can opt for the gift to be wrapped with wrapping paper
  • Gift receipt
    Gift giver can elect for a gift receipt to be included with the order

Products & Product Bundles

  • Physical gift cards
    Physical gift cards are available for sale
  • Digital gift cards
    Digital gift cards are available for sale
  • Gift ideas
    The store includes a curated list of suggested gifts
  • Popular gifts
    The store shows what products are most frequently given as gifts
  • Product bundles
    The store sells bundles of products that can be given as a gift
  • Free gift
    The store offers a free gift with purchase as an incentive to place an order

Site Layout & Content

  • Header
    Invites people to purchase gift cards and/or specific products as gifts
  • Product Page
    Includes a give as gift button or option
  • Gift Giving Section
    A dedicated page or collection of pages that explain how people can shop for gifts
  • FAQ
    Answers questions about giving the store's products as gifts
  • Footer
    Invites people to purchase gift cards and/or specific products as gifts

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