UnWrapIt Exclusive: Personalized Valentines for Lovers, Friends, or Colleagues. Oh My!

Looking to give something special for Valentine’s Day to a loved one, friend or colleague? The stress! Roses? Yawn. Dinner out? Too crowded. Chocolates? Trying to cut out sugar. Argh.

We've got you covered. For this Valentine's Day, we've created a unique collection of Valentine's Day Gifts. To start, check out the Mix Tape for Lovers, Mix Tape for Friends, and Mix Tape for Colleagues gifts we created. Thanks Spotify! Or give your Toronto-based Valentine the incredible gift of in-home or in-office therapeutic massage with a WellCalm Gift Card.

The gift itself is just the beginning.

After you've selected the perfect Valentine's Day gift from our collection or using Custom Gift, you can then personalize the gift opening experience by adding as many personalized wraps as you like. Choose from multiple choice question, tap to a reveal a photo, scavenger hunt, geolocation challenge, charitable donation, and true / false question.

With UnWrapIt, the gift and gift opening experience combine to form a unique & personalized multi-step experience that your valentine will love!

Here's an example of what your UnWrapIt can look like.

We’ve made it easy for you. Get started by browsing the collections below or jumping straight to one of our pre-built gifts. If you have additional gift ideas, please contact us.

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