About UnWrapIt: Mission, History, and Team

The company we keep is the company we are.

UnWrapIt is embedded in communities that ground us in our social and environmental purpose and inspire our team, community, and partners.

Our mission.

& Inspire

Gift Waste

UnWrapIt was founded in April 2017 with the goal of creating a delightful one-to-one gift giving experience for the digital age that could also reduce gift waste in North America by 50% within five years. 

Today, UnWrapIt remains committed to this goal and is focused on helping companies transform their approach to customer and employee appreciation through digital corporate gifting.

We aim to create gift experiences that engage and inspire. And reduce a lot of gift waste along the way.

Our history.

April 2017
Founded by Peter Deitz in Toronto, ON.

January 2018
Launched at the Centre for Social Innovation.

December 2018
Covered in the Toronto Star in an article about giving experiences as gifts.

February 2019
Covered by CBC in an article about climate ventures pitch night.

July 2019
Pivoted from a primary focus on individual gift giving to corporate gifting.

Introducing the team.

Peter Deitz

Peter is an entrepreneur committed to creating enduring companies that have a deeply-rooted social and environmental purpose. UnWrapIt is Peter's second such company.

He's active on LinkedIn and regularly posts about customer experience, employee appreciation, digital transformation, corporate gifting, and philanthropy.

Ready to reimagine corporate gifting?

UnWrapIt can elevate your corporate gifting with digital gift experiences that are instant, personalized, branded, memorable, and shareable.

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