Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I still give physical gifts?

Yes. Gift givers who want to give physical gifts can do so through UnWrapIt. To give a physical gift, we suggest using Custom Gift gift. This option is convenient when you've ordered a physical gift for someone and it hasn't yet arrived. Or it can be used for any gift, material or non-material, that you can conceive of.

Can gift recipients open their gifts without registering for an UnWrapIt account?

Yes. Always!

Can gift recipients open their gifts without downloading an app?

Yes. Always. Eventually, certain gift opening experiences will benefit from a native app running on Android and iOS. For now, the entire UnWrapIt experience is web-based. 

Can I create a gift opening experience without registering for an UnWrapIt account?

Yes. Gift givers can send a gift without creating an account. Gift givers with an UnWrapIt account, however, will gain access to their gift giving history.

Can I create a gift opening experience without downloading an app?

Yes. UnWrapIt is entirely web-based. To create a gift, head over here.