How It Works

For companies.

Tell your story and reach everybody with fully branded gift opening experiences. Bulk create 1,000+ personalized gifts in a single batch.

Step 1: Sign up for UnWrapIt for Business.

Step 2: Design your branded opening experience using our Gift Builder.

Step 3: Compile your recipient list, including personalizations.

Step 4: Schedule your bulk gift creation.

For Individuals.

Say goodbye to wasteful gift wrap and material gifts. Give experiences and other nonmaterial gifts in a whole new way.

Step 1: Add & customize gifts.

Step 2: Add & personalize wraps.

Step 3: Add a recipient.

Note: There is a CAD $3 fee when adding a recipient unless you have an Unlimited Gifting membership.

Enhance the big reveal.

From pay-as-you-go pricing to fully branded gifts, UnWrapIt has a plan for you.

Explore how UnWrapIt can help you spread more joy as an individual or company.