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There is an urgent need to reimagine gifting. Our human desire to give meaningful gifts is so important. But giving and receiving gifts the old fashion way can be so wasteful.

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33 million trees

are cut down each year for holiday wrapping paper.

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1 in 10 consumer goods

manufactured, packaged, shipped, and destined for landfill are gifts.

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More than 50%

of gift recipients actually prefer non-material gifts like experiences.

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No constraints. Limitless possibilities. Give anything.

UnWrapIt is on a mission to reclaim and reimagine gift giving as a deeply human and zero waste action. Especially when sending personalized gifts or exciting news to large groups.

Loved it! Fantastic 21st century approach to giving gifts that don't come in boxes!


I love the flexibility in the type of gift I can give and how much I can personalize the experience!


The scavenger hunt feature combined with quiz questions is my favourite so far!


Planting Trees as a Corporate Gift

You may be convinced on the value of planting trees as corporate gifts. But what is the best way to reveal trees planted as a gift? UnWrapit, of course, has a great solution for you to consider.

Enhance the big reveal.

From pay-as-you-go pricing to fully branded gifts, UnWrapIt has a plan for you.

Explore how UnWrapIt can help you spread more joy as an individual or company.