Customer Appreciation Gifts That Inspire

Example UnWrapIt gift for a large group

Conventional customer appreciation gifts don't scale well.

Complex logistics & shipping costs can make it difficult & costly to show gratitude, give thanks, and send gifts in the same way as your business always did.

A gift that worked just fine for one customer may no longer make sense when you need to thank 1,000 customers for their loyalty.

Fortunately, you don't have to give up appreciating your customers just because your business has grown and you have more customers.

With UnWrapIt, your business can show its appreciation by bulk creating 1,000+ branded & personalized gift experiences for customers.

Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas.

The ideas in this list are in no particular order. Complement this list with creative client gifts or inexpensive gifts for clients.


A simple, free way for your business to thank its customers for their loyalty that they can go back to time and again.

Real World Adventures

Make a trip to a special destination, go on a nature walk, host an urban activity, give a guided tour, offer skills training for one day, or show appreciation through some other unexpected activity with other customers.

Special Events

Tickets to a concert, movie, sporting event, or other special service. The event can happen on the day the customer chooses.

Award or Recognition

Most valuable customer, most loyal customer, top purchasing customer, best feedback award, biggest evangelist for the business award, etc.

Charitable Donation

One or more trees planted, meals delivered, a charitable donation of any kind, support for a local community group chosen by the customer, etc.

Gift Card

The customer chooses the vendor or business. Or send a short list of gift card options.

Shared Experience

Invite a customer to a meal, a coffee, or virtual hangout. Or invite customers on an outing with your team, or to come by the office as a way of saying thank you for their loyalty.

Digital Media

A free ebook, an audiobook, an infographic, a dataset, digital art, or stock photos and sounds are just a few ideas for loyalty gifts.

Kind Words

Words are powerful. Make each of them count. Send the right words or a video message to customers to show your appreciation. And you will get so much in return. Thanking customers for their loyalty through words can be just as effective as the option to get a free service, event invitation, or offering one gift or another.

Exciting News

Opening a new location, expanding hours, adding one highly requested feature or service, achieving a business milestone, etc.

Discount or Promotion

Allow customers to advance purchase a new item, get a discount on their next order, or give access to exclusive sale items for a day, etc

Physical Gift

No list of customer appreciation gifts would be complete without traditional gifts that show gratitude. Accessories, bags, flowers, chocolates, wine, tote bags, unexpected meal delivery on a cold day all make for tried and true ideas.

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Every Gift Experience Through UnWrapIt Is Unique

Revealing a donation as a gift.
Revealing a choice of gift cards as a gift.
Revealing trees planted as a gift.
Revealing a certification achieved as a gift.

Make each customer gift personalized and order the digital wraps however you like.

Need help creating delightful gift experiences for customers?

Whether you're appreciating 1,000 or 100,000 customers, UnWrapIt can help you create digital gift experiences that are instant, personalized, branded, memorable, and shareable.

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